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Personal Training Prices

Free 20 minute consultation

If you would like to meet up with Pete for a chat about your health, fitness and how personal training can help you simply book up a free 20 minute consultation to answer all your questions. This can be also done via the phone where appropriate.

1 Hour Personal Training Package

A 1 hour Personal Training session with Pete includes:

Hour Session from only


5 x 1 Hour Sessions from only


  • A fitness workout to push you and show you what you are capable of.
  • A structured workout programme tailored to you to work through and progress your fitness. the next time you see Pete you will get a brand new one to progress you even further!
  • Motivation to kick start you in a new health lifestyle.
  • Diet advice from Pete to make sure you are eating the right foods to achieve your goals.
  • S food programme for you to follow, to keep you on track with healthy eating.
  • New techniques, Pete will show you exercises and routines that are new to you so you expand your knowledge of fitness.
  • A full body assisted stretch, at the end of the workout to help you relax, unwind and recover.

New! Personal Training on the Phone

30 Min Conversation


60 Min Conversation


You can arrange to have a discussion with personal trainer Pete on the phone about how best to achieve you fitness and weight loss goals.

He we give you lots of personal training tips and tricks to help you reach your goals as soon as possible. To arrange a conversation please e-mail Pete HERE with your details.

Special Event Package

If you have a special event on the horizon such as a wedding, party, casting, holiday etc… that you need personal trainer to get into shape for, contact Pete and larger discount on a block booking of session.

National and International Event Package

Pete Griggs is able to travel internationally, if you have a project in the UK or overseas that requires a personal trainer to be on hand, to keep your clients, colleagues or guests fit, motivated, healthy and entertained then Pete is your solution. Alternatively Pete can come with you as your personal trainer on a business trip or holiday, and keep you in shape throughout the duration. Please contact pete for a quote.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“We started working with Pete in January 2017 as we had 7 months to go until our wedding and wanted to lose 2- 2.5 stone each. Pete came to our flat once a week to start off with and after a few months we moved to fortnightly sessions. He helped us build up a series of core and resistance exercises, coupled with running which we were both keen to do more of. Pete also gave us a low carb diet to stick to for a few months, which we ended up sticking to for almost the full 7 months as it was practical and allowed us to have the occasional treat. By our wedding in July we had both managed to lose 2.5 stone each and were well on our way to running a half marathon, having increased our distance to 16k most weeks running home from work (Kings Cross – Crystal Palace). In Sept 2017 we ran the Great North Run and made our goal times. We had achieved our goals and then some!
We are still working with Pete to find a maintenance routine so we can keep on top of our weight and not slip back into bad routines. We fully recommend working with Pete if you’re looking for someone supportive to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Thanks Pete! ”
Vic and Ed


“I was fortunate to have Pete as my Personal Trainer for just over 3 months and in that time I lost over a stone in weight. What was a revelation to me is that I actually enjoy exercise whereas I had never enjoyed sport or exercise before. The benefits of exercise are many but for me, I was amazed at how much energy I had, how much better my skin was and how it lifted my mood after a long day at work. Changing the exercises regularly helped to keep my motivation up and not get bored. Just doing a little harder each day gave brilliant results which motivates you to keep going. Having Pete look at my food diary each week also meant that I was paying more attention to what I ate, which automatically means that you make better decisions. If you are thinking about getting a personal trainer, just do it! You won’t regret it for a minute.”
Kerrie, 33

Morden, Surrey

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