Pete Griggs



Pete will help you achieve your fitness goals faster than you ever thought possible


If you’re doing the same workout and getting nowhere. Pete can help you get the results you want




Pete will help you achieve your fitness goals
faster than you ever thought possible

Pete Griggs is a personal trainer working in and around the Tolworth area, delivering 1-1 and group personal training session. Sessions in the Tolworth area from just £30 per hour.

Personal Training in Tolworth

Pete lives locally and works with clients on a one-to-one basis across the London and Surrey areas.

Pete works in clients homes, local gyms, parks, and leisure centres in and around Tolworth. All goals are catered for including weight loss, toning, nutrition, exercise programs, muscle building, bootcamps, marathon training, if you have a fitness goals Pete will help you achieve it.

Fit or unfit is does not matter, Pete has worked with all levels and know what is needed to progress you. Pete will work with you to cover all aspects of health and lifestyle, creating a bespoke programme unique to suit you, your lifestyle and your goals. Using a personal trainer will help if you are having the following problems:

  • You have never been able to stick to a routine.
  • You are new to fitness and you want to know the best way to get started.
  • You have hit a plateau with you training and need help to get to the next level.
  • You have a wedding or event coming up that you need to get into shape for.
  • You are confused by all the conflicting information out there and need a properly structured routine.

Pete’s approach is a progressive method of training, week on week, bit by bit, building you up to a higher level of health and fitness. Your sessions can be provided at a time and location that suits you.

By teaching you the fundamentals of fitness, it’s possible to establish a routine that you can stick too and that delivers the physique, well-being and lifestyle you desire! Pete works in the following local post code areas: KT5 KT6

You might be able to catch Pete training a Tolworth resident if you are in one of the following local parks:

  • Alexandra Park
  • Tolworth Recreation ground
  • Fish Ponds Park

Fancy a gym workout in your own home? Pete can cater for you, with a wide range of gym standard equipment. He can offer you a personal training service better than any gym in Tolworth, and all in the comfort of you own home or work. Great for people who hate the gym or prefer training outside in the fresh air. Big goals or small goals Pete will be able to help you.

Fitness Progression

Pete explains one of his tried and tested perosnal training methods that you can use to get progressively fitter

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“Having reached a point in my life where a complete lifestyle change was necessary, I embarked on a fitness regime. I immediately found that I needed help with this and this is where Pete came in. I chose personal training as I needed motivation, encouragement and support, I needed to be challenged and to be able to achieve my personal goals. Pete has helped me in a non-invasive way, always treating me with respect. He has taken on board my needs and limitations but has also made me see that these limitations were personal to me and that with encouragement and his belief in me, anything is possible. My fitness levels have increased, my confidence has soared and I now find exercise pleasurable instead of a chore. Pete has made each training session different, increasing levels and introducing new concepts all the time, this has kept my attention and I look forward to the next session rather than dread it. I would recommend Pete as a personal trainer to anybody, he has made me realise that fitness is rewarding, fun and a purely positive cycle.”
Natalie Hunt

40, Sutton Surrey.

“I have been personal training with Pete for nearly 2 years now and it has completely changed my life! After having three kids my weight had ballooned and I could barely get off the sofa; now I’m full of energy and can keep up with the kids playing football. Pete set me up with a routine and diet which made me lose 2-3lb a week, the training is tough but good fun and once I got the hang of the diet it was easy. Personal training with Pete was the best thing I ever did, money well spent!”

35, Sutton, Surrey.

Pete has been my personal trainer for the last 6 months, I was a skinny 5’10 9 stone guy and had been my whole life. Pete is a great personal trainer and I see progress every week.
Danny, Sutton

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