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5 Random Personal Training Tips

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A client from Epsom ask me the other day for some unusual fitness tips. Here are 5 random personal training tips that I’ve told my personal training clients over the years, I hope the help you.

1 Take care of your knees
In my opinion your knee joint is one of the most critical joints in the body when it comes to fitness and exercise. Running, cycling, football, netball, hockey, pretty much most sports rely on your knee joint to transmit the power from your thigh muscles to move your around. If your knees get injured it really limits the types of fitness training you can do, if they ever get so bad that all you can do if brisk walking it makes it difficult for you to get in any high intensity exercise to elevate you heart rate, burn a lot of calories and boost your metabolism. Any sharp pains or persistent aches should be checked out by a physio asap.

2 Don’t eat before a boozy night out
This one is aimed towards people looking to lose weight. Boozy nights out happen now and then, but not eating before hand can limit the damage somewhat. If you eat before a night out it could be a 750 calorie meal, add in the booze after that, 1000 calories, total night calories 1750. Skip the dinner before the night out and its only 1000 calories. I tell my personal training clients not to touch booze at all when trying to lose weight, but this makes the best of a bad situation.

3 Workout early
I tell this one to my personal training clients all the time. Working out early means it is done and out the way. If you leave it to the evening things can happen during the day that mean you get delayed/held up and end up with no time to get your workout in. Do it early, get it done.

4 Keep workout gear in boot of the car
Sometimes you find yourself with a spare hour or two when you are out and about, if you have your workout gear in the boot of the car it makes it easy to pop straight down the gym without having to go home. Also great for spontaneous workouts when the sun comes out and you fancy a run.

5 Wear two sports bras if you have big boobs
Big boobs need big support when it comes to fitness. If your boobs are on the larger side try wearing two sports bras. The bottom bra should be your normal size, the top bra will need a smaller cup size because the bottom bra changes the shape of your boobs. Try different size combos until you get a good fit.

If you are looking for some help with your fitness, get in touch for a further chat CONTACT Personal training in Epsom, Sutton, Ewell and Banstead.

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