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Exercising after Giving Birth

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This article was inspired by a new personal training client I had today who had given birth about 6 weeks ago. Thought I’d share what I have learnt personal training new mums.

Ok so this is what I see a lot of personal training ladies who have just given birth.

  1. You are shattered, life has been turned upside down and your routine has gone out the window.
  2. You are not happy about the way you look and wish you could get back into you pre pregnancy body.
  3. Your diet is the worse it has ever been, you have no time to cook and are grazing all day and night on what ever is easiest to eat.
  4. You like the idea os doing some exercise but can’t fathom where/how you could get even 30mins to yourself without being interrupted by the baby.

Those are the main problems my post pregnancy personal training clients face. Here are a list of things that I’ve taught people over the years to help get their fitness and health back to what it was.

  1. Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Before the baby you were able to lose weight and improve your fitness much faster than you are now, mainly because you had more time on you hands to commit to your workouts. You used to be able to fit in 4-5 workouts a week whereas now you struggle to do 2.  You need to accept that you won’t be able to lose weight as quick as you used to, but that is absolutely fine, don’t beat yourself up about it. 1/2 lb – 1 lb  a week weight loss may not be much but it is still weight loss and is going in the right direction.
  2. Get super organised with your food. The times you do get to cook make extra so you have got some healthy meals in storage that you can just heat up in 5 mins when you are rushed off your feet.
  3. I teach most of my personal training clients who have given birth circuit training and high intensity training that they can do at home. This is great as you are often going to be stuck at home when baby is sleeping but you can get a fitness session in in the lounge or the garden.
  4. There are plenty of fitness classes now that you can bring your baby along with you, a lot of my personal training clients have a baby in the room while we are doing a workout. If you have to spend a few mins tending to the baby that is fine, at least you are still getting a workout in.

The take home message is that you can still get a fitness routine going after giving birth, it may not be perfect but nobody is expecting it to be, do the best you can in the time you have and you will be surprised how much progress you can make.

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