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Baffled by the Bosu Ball? Well, don’t be! This piece of equipment can make a great addition to your fitness routine. Pete utilises the bosu ball for clients, bringing a variety of exercises to individual personal training routines.

Many of my new clients have seen a Bosu ball at the gym before. Commenting that it was that half-circle stability ball – gathering dust in the corner! Before I introduce the bosu ball most folks shy away from using this great piece of equipment purely because they look at it as an obscure contraption and are unable to see the benefits and originality it can bring to their exercise regime.

The bosu ball is a fantastic tool for melting fat and sculpting full-body muscle. Just one great exercise (among many) is ‘the bosu crunch’: Lie on the bosu ball and perform an abdominal crunch, lifting and lowering your torso 30 degrees from the start position, with knees bent, heels positioned close to the ball, arms crossed over your chest and chin tilted up as you lift.

The sheer versatility of the bosu ball enables Pete to freshen-up his sessions with his London and Surrey personal training clients. Work with the bosu ball to strengthen the entire body and include cardio moves to raise your heart rate.

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