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An overview of the services offered by Pete Griggs – Personal Trainer

One To One Personal Training

Pete provide one to one personal training tailored to you and your need, no two people are the same so you will get an individual programme suited to you and your lifestyle.

Pete generally works on a progressive model of training, improving the workouts week by week to get you fitter, stronger and keep increasing your metabolism.

Weight Loss and Slimming

With Pete as your personal trainer he will show you how to easily lose 2-3lb/1kg a week and still eat the foods you love.

Dieting is a personal project and different people need to follow different style of diets depending on their weight loss and fitness goals, Pete will sort you out with and effective and straight forward diet you can stick to that won’t slow down your metabolism but increase it.

Core Strength

Your core is what keeps you upright, most people just think their core is just their ab muscles but you core is also made up of you sides, lower back and deeper muscles to.

These all need to be built up in balance to achieve a strong core. Core strength is great for people with back issues and protruding bellies.

Muscle Toning/Building

Looking to tone up and build some muscle? Then Pete is the personal trainer for you. Building up some muscle has become a lot more popular with the ladies these days, Pete will show you how to do it with out getting too big of bulky.

Guys looking to get bigger and more defined can expect a progressive training programme focused on diet and weights and should gain 1-2lb of muscle a week.

Group Sessions/Boot Camps

Pete runs lots of groups sessions in parks and homes, its a good way to cut the cost and it’s a lot of fun to.

Get some friends together and Pete can give you all some personal training. Or for those looking for something a little more hardcore a boot camp styles session can be arranged.

Body Building

Pete has personal trained many guys and girls who have wanted to develop their physique.

His programmes are effective and progressive, focusing on training, diet and your lifestyle to give you a great workout programme suited to you.

Body Analysis

Do you know exactly how many calories you should be eating each day? I bet you don’t!

With Pete as your personal trainer he will analyse your body – working out muscle mass, % body fat, water and the amount of calories you require each day to lose/maintain your weight.

Cycle Fitness

Have you got a bike that has been gathering dust that could do with some mile being put on it? Ask Pete about cycle fit, mountain or road bikes which ever you prefer, sessions usually involve a cycle round your local area and stopping off in a park for some core and circuit training exercises.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I have been working with Pete for the past 4 months, he is a great personal trainer, keeps my body in great shape, giving me great confidence for casting and photo shoots.
Letitia Herod

Winner of Britain's and Ireland's Next Top Model

Pete has been my personal trainer for the last 6 months, I was a skinny 5’10 9 stone guy and had been my whole life. Pete is a great personal trainer and I see progress every week.
Danny, Sutton

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