Pete Griggs


Figure Training

Pete has been the personal trainer to numerous models and has gained a unique understanding of the importance of your body and image.

Pete is currently working with Letitia Herod, winner of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model.

His aim with you is to work on certain problem areas that are holding you back, preventing you doing certain types of jobs so you can get more work.

If you are a model or an aspiring model in need of reshaping your body, or want to increase your earnings, then having Pete as your personal trainer will help you reach your full potential. In such a competitive line of work, the difference between the winners and losers is often a matter of inches and having a personal trainer will position you above the rest ensuring your career stays on track.

If you are finding that your weight is fluctuating all the time, Pete will give you a workout and diet to follow to ensure that your figure remains consistent between photo shoots.

It usually takes a few weeks of personal training with Pete to get you back into shape. Or perhaps you are looking to get into shape after a pregnancy, contact Pete to slim down and kick start your career.

If you feel that personal training is something that would be of benefit to you please get in touch with Pete here.

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