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The C Word – Commitment

Personal Fitness

Just how committed are you to your health and fitness goals? How much of a priority are they in your life?

One thing that I have noticed with all my personal training clients is that the ones who are the most committed to their fitness goals are the ones who get the best results. The personal training clients who make their fitness goal their number one priority are the ones who get results fast.

The difference between you and a Olympic athlete – Commitment!

The difference between you and your friend who ran the marathon – Commitment!

The difference between you and your friend who lost 5 stone – Commitment!

Ask yourself ‘how committed am I?’

Is your fitness goal something you’d kind of like to achieve? Or is it your number one mission in life?

Do your organise your diary around social events, going out eating bad food, drinking booze and try and see if you can squeeze a few workouts in somewhere in the week? Or have you scheduled all your workouts into your diary and nothing is going to get in the way of them?

Are you going to just see how you go with achieving your fitness goals and kind of make it up as you go? Or are you going to get a personal trainer who is going to put a workout routine together for you and make you stick to it?

People who get the best results with fitness/weight loss are the ones who reorganise their life so everything is inline with their goals, for example

Do you drive to work sitting on your bum? Or do you cycle in and get some cardio done every day on your daily commute?

Do you sit at your desk during your lunch break? Or do you go out for a run?

Do you go home after work and watch tv? Or do you go straight to the park after work and meet your personal trainer?

Do you grab some convenience food on the way home from work for dinner? Or do you batch make a lot of healthy meals at the weekend so you have something healthy and nutritious to eat every night?

Do you go on holiday and spend all day in the all inclusive bar and put on half a stone in a week? Or do you look at your holiday as a great opportunity to get loads of workouts in while you have no work and book up a more active break?

There are subtle differences to the answers to these questions, but the outcomes have a massive impact on how well you will achieve your fitness goals. With all of my personal training clients I make sure to get them as committed as they can be and give them a routine that is inline with there goals and fits in with their lifestyle. It is no good copying what your friend did to lose weight, because he/she and a completely different lifestyle to you so the same workout/diet would not apply to you. For example they may go to the gym 5 times a week, you need to be at home every night to look after the kids so need home workouts to do. They work from home so have access to a full kitchen to prepare lunch, you work at a office so need to take food with you to work that doesn’t require a kitchen to cook. You need a fitness routine that will work for YOUR lifestyle.

It is time to start getting committed with your fitness and making it your number one priority! If you feel like you need some help with this email me for a personal training session and together we will get to your fitness goals.

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