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Is Personal Training hard work?
Having Pete as your personal trainer you will notice that the sessions get harder but only to the extent that your body can keep up with them. Even thought progressively the sessions get harder you will feel and see your fitness increasing each session.
Where do the Personal Training sessions take place?
Personal training with Pete can take place at your house, a local park, garden (size permitting) or one of the gyms that he has access to round London and Surrey.
How much do personal training sessions with Pete Cost?
Personal training sessions start at £30 and hour, and may go up a bit depending on how far Pete has to travel to you. Discounts for block bookings are available, contact him for more information He offers personal training in London , Surrey and internationally.
How many personal training sessions will I need?
This depends entirely on what you want to achieve and your current fitness level. It is best to make sure you have regular sessions with Pete; he will then be able to ensure that you are progressing towards your goals. Try to have one session a week to get the most out of using him as your personal trainer.
How quickly will I lose the weight?
This question gets asked a lot and varies a lot between people, factors effecting the rate at which you lose weight include, age, metabolism, number of workouts a week, diet, general activity and attitude. If you do everything Pete tells you to do you can expect to lose around 2lb a week.
How can I get a flat stomach/six-pack?
You will need to see Pete and book a few personal training sessions, he will look at you diet and make necessary changes to it, give you a workout to help you burn the fat off you stomach to make you leaner and give you so stomach exercises to tone your stomach muscles.
What do I need to bring?
All you will need to bring to the sessions are a drink of water, some comfortable and supportive trainers, appropriate clothing (you will probably get hot and sweaty) and a towel.

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Client Testimonials

Pete’s online personal training was great for me, I have a busy career and don’t get time to go to the gym, so Pete designed me workouts I can do at home. The fitness programme and diet was easy to follow, which made the weight drop off really fast.

I had hit a real low and decided it was time to do something about my health and fitness, a friend recommended Pete’s online personal training to me and I have never looked back! The weight came off very quick and I’m in my best shape ever. Thanks Pete.

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