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Protein’s role in the body

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As a personal trainer I get asked a lot by my clients what role protein plays in the body, here is an explanation for you all

Proteins are something which any health expert will tell you are absolutely vital to the continuing health and wellbeing of the human body, and this in virtually indisputable. Protein performs all manner of important tasks within our bodies – from balancing various internal processes, such as water levels – to providing important hormones and enzymes that the body needs. What many people do not realise however is that the human body is already full of protein, as it is in our tissues, bones and cells. Furthermore proteins containing all of the necessary amino acids (complete proteins) are in everything from milk and eggs to fish and meat.

Proteins can also be found in some fruits and vegetables, as well as rice, but these are often incomplete proteins. While this is not a significant issue for meat eaters, it can be for vegetarians and vegans – requiring careful balance of the diet to ensure that the foods consumed together provide all of the needed amino acids – a balance referred to as complementary proteins. An example of complementary proteins within such a diet would be combining rice – which is low in amino acids – with dry beans, which are high in them.

Another way for people for people, whose diet may normally be low in complete proteins to make up this deficit, is through the use of supplementary options, like protein bars and protein shakes from places such as Maxishop. There are all manner of protein shake recipes (as well as those for bars) in the marketplace, meaning that it should be possible for anyone to find the protein shake –or protein bar, depending on preference – which meets their needs when it comes to supplying complementary proteins to their main diet. The different protein bar and protein shake recipes can also be useful as a convenient way of topping up on protein right after physical exercise, as this intake will enable the body to reap the full benefits of the exercise.

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