Personal Trainer Great Bookham

Welcome to the home of Great Bookham personal trainer Pete Griggs. Pete is a certified personal training professional with clients in your area. By visiting his website you have done the best thing for reaching your health and fitness goals. Sessions in Great Bookham from just £40 per hour.


Personal Training in Great Bookham

Pete is an experienced personal trainer in Great Bookham. Working with clients across the Surrey, Pete will help you achieve your fitness goals faster than you ever thought possible!

Pete works in clients homes, local gyms, parks, and leisure centres. Using his tried and tested personal training techniques he will give you the health and fitness of your youth.

Using a local, qualified Great Bookham personal trainer will help if you are having the following problems:

  • You have never been able to stick to a routine.
  • You have been trying a new diet every few months and always end up back at the same weight.
  • You are tired of doing the same old workout.
  • You are diabetic and need to get your health and fitness in check.
  • You are new to exercise and need a personal trainer for guidance.

Pete’s approach is to tailor the fitness workouts to suit your lifestyle. No two people have the same lifestyle, so you need a bespoke workout to suit you and your situation.

He is experienced in working with everyone from seniors, children, the fit, unfit, models and celebrities. Whatever you do in terms of exercise, you will feel better for it, inside and out!

Pete’s approach is to make the most effective use of your time by exercising multiple muscle groups at once. Pete uses a progressive model of fitness, gradual improvements each week to boost your metabolism and your fitness. Your sessions can be provided at a time and location that suits you.

You owe it to yourself to get a personal trainer in Great Bookham if you want to reach your goals faster, stay committed and work harder. Pete works in the following local post code areas: KT23.

You might be able to catch Pete training an Great Bookham based client if you are in one of the following local areas:

  • Norbury Park
  • Polesden Lacey
  • Ranmore Common

Fitness Progression

Pete explains one of his tried and tested perosnal training methods that you can use to get progressively fitter

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Letitia Herod, Winner of Britain’s and Ireland’s Next Top Model. I have been working with Pete for the past 4 months, he is a great personal trainer, keeps my body in great shape, giving me great confidence for casting and photo shoots.

Danny, Great Bookham. Pete has been my personal trainer for the last 6 months, I was a skinny 5’10 9 stone guy and had been my whole life. Pete is a great personal trainer and I see progress every week.