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I tend to do most of my personal training sessions in clients homes these day and I got me thinking do we really need gyms?

Part of the problems with gyms is getting to the place, 30 mins to get there, 30 mins to get back, that’s an hour out of the day before you have even factored in the workout. With people’s schedules getting ever busier this travel time can be crucial.

Then there is the cost of the gym membership that can easily be the best part of £1000 per year for some of the bigger chains. I was chatting with one of my personal training clients the other day and said to her, ‘You are spending all this money on a gym membership, why not buy some equipment with that money and do your workouts at home?’ She agreed, I helped her out with selecting what equipment she needed to best achieve her goals, it all got delivered and was in the spare room by the end of the week voila!

Now I hear what you are saying ‘I’ve not got any spare money to by expensive gym equipment!’ Well what if I told you that the gym equipment she brought came to just shy of £600? She no longer need the £1000 gym membership any more so she is £400 in the black! I now do personal training sessions in her home a couple of times a week instead.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to go to the gym to get fit, buy and pair of trainers and do running for cardio, then get a gym ball and some weights to do some resistance training at home and you are sorted. If this is something you thinking of doing I suggest you consult a personal trainer before purchasing anything so you get the correct equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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