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High Intensity Training: How to do it

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Today I though I’d tell you how I use high intensity training in my personal training sessions.   High intensity training or Hiit training is a buzz word in the fitness industry that has been around a while now. Most of my personal training clients come to me at some point and ask should we be doing it? Actually they already are doing it and so are you probably in your own workouts.

Hiit training involves pushing yourself physically to very near you limit for a short duration of time. The theory behind it is that by working your heart and lungs to their maximum you get a metabolic boost that lasts a day or two and force your body to get fitter by working it near it’s maximum capacity.   I say to my personal training clients that if you had a scale of effort you are exerting 1 being no effort, 10 being about to pass out, Hiit training is about an 8-9.

High intensity training has been a bit of a craze in the personal training and fitness industry, for a while now, my take on it is that they have just rebranded interval training into Hiit training and made it out the be the answer to all your fitness and weight loss goals. Most high intensity training classes are just rebranded circuit training classes.

If you have been doing any of the following you are already doing Hiit training. Intervals Sprints Circuit training I like to combine all three of these in my personal training sessions. All these training methods are used to push your body to the maximum to achieve the same metabolic and fitness increases as high intensity training.   So how should you use Hiit Training? Well it depends on what goals you have.   Personal training clients who want to lose body fat I suggest the following.

Some sort of either intervals, sprints or circuit training for 30-40 mins. This is to deplete your body’s store of sugar in the muscles and liver. Then 45+ mins of steady cardio work. Now that your sugar stores are gone your body will be forced to burn your body fat. 4-5 times a week.   Personal training clients who are looking to boost their fitness. Some sort of either intervals, sprints or circuit training for 30-45 mins. 3-4 times a week.   I hope this had made high intensity training a bit clearer.  If this is something you feel you need help with, get in touch for some personal training sessions 07947049889

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