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How to Start Losing Weight

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Losing weight is a common problem for both women and men. People all around the world would like to have a body like some model or celebrity. For this, they are trying different ways of losing weight. Many of these ways are unhealthy and they are just damaging our body.

Losing weight isn’t as easy as we think. Many times, we lose weight but we gain them back as soon as we stopped the diet. This is called the yo-yo effect of the diet. Losing weight means changing our life style: eating healthy food and exercising every day, at least a half an hour. The healthy way to lose weight needs much more time than we would like, we need to be patient and optimistic with our selves, because it’s not easy changing our way of living. We are losing weight in time, not immediately.

A healthy diet consists in lean meat, vegetables and fruits; these are full of vitamins which gives us energy for the day .We should eat 3 times a day, and not after 6 o’clock. We should eat moderate, and never feeling sated. There are 4 rules for successful weight loss:

1. We should not eat on the run, we should enjoy our meal, and this way we won’t feel the need to grab more food later.

2. If the foods smell is tempting you, just ignore it. It will be difficult at the beginning but you will be used to it.

3. Don’t eat while you are watching TV, this is a bad habit. If you can’t do this, instead of ice cream or chips you can eat popcorn or fruits.

4. The other important part of changing your lifestyle is sports: running, cycling, skiing and swimming helps us burning calories, staying fit and young. Just a half of hour a day and our body will change sooner then we think, exercise will tone our body. Sport is important for our sleep as well, after exercise we are sleeping better and deeper.

If we live healthy, we live longer. Sports and healthy food is the key to that.

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