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The Pros and Cons of being a Personal Trainer

Personal Fitness

My personal training clients quite often say to me that it must be great having your own business and being your own boss. Well I’ve been personal training for the past 12 years and I’d thought I talk about the pro and cons of being a personal training that I’ve learnt over this time. I do realise that some of these contradict each other, but a lot of them a both a pro a con.

Pro: Own Boss
Yes being your own boss is brilliant. Once your personal training company is set up you have nobody to answer to.

Con: Holiday and Sickness
Once you have your own fitness business you don’t get paid for holidays and sickness. 

Pro: Holiday
You can take holidays whenever you want.

Con: Saying No
When you have your own personal training business it is hard to turn down work. You never know when the next client is coming along so you end up saying yes to everyone and working a lot of hours.

Pro: Hours
You can choose to work the hours you want to.

Con: Early and Late
You tend to work around your clients hours which means before and after 9-5, which means your social life can take a knock.

Pro: Fitness Chat
You get to take to your personal training clients about health and fitness all day long.

Con: Taxes
You have to sort out all your taxes, which is very boring.

Pro: Friends
You often find that your personal training clients will become good friends.

Pro: Workouts
You get to do loads of workouts everyday and improve your fitness.

Pro: Fitness Equipment
You have all your own fitness equipment so you can do a workout at home or anywhere you like.

Pro: Contact
As you build up the number of personal training clients you have you will get a lot of different contacts doing all sorts of interesting things.

Pro: Rewarding
Its amazingly rewarding watching your clients get fitter/lose weight/achieve goals and is really motivating.

These are just some of the pro and cons of being a personal training that people don’t think about. If you can think of any more let me know!

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