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Why Personal Trainers Use Mirrors

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I got an email from a new client the other day, in it she said ‘……I’m not one of those people who want to pose in mirrors down the gym…..’ Tracey, Sutton. There are some good reasons why personal trainers will get you working out in front of a mirror and it is not for posing or showing off.

The first main reason I would get my personal training clients working out in front of a mirror is so that they can visual check their technique in their reflection. Some people struggle with spatial awareness, where there arms and legs are in relation to the rest of their body, when they see themselves in the mirror it makes it so much easier to correct bad technique. There is only so much you can explain to a personal training client verbally, a reflection in the mirror can tell 1000 words.

The second reason is that over time the clients body shape is going to change more muscle/toning/losing fat. Noticing these changes as they happen in the mirror is a superb motivator, the mirror does not lie, if the client can see results they are going to want to keep their fitness programme going. Also depending on what type of training you are doing some weeks you might of not lose any weight on the scales due to fat lose being counteracted by muscle gain. I this situation you scales will stay the same, but due to the fat lose the client will look leaner in the mirror and more defined.

Take it from me, the vast majority of people working out in front of a mirror are not posing, they are checking their technique and progress.

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