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Is Fitness Your Number One Priority?

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From my experience personal training people I have found that those people who make their workouts their number one priority stand a much greater chance of achieving their goals than those who don’t.

This may sound obvious, but ask yourself this “How high up on my list of priorities is my fitness?” I often get my personal training clients to write a list of their priorities and it can be a big eye opener for people. The list might read something like this:

1. Kids
2. Family
3. Work
4. Friends
5. Chores
6. Nights out
7. Facebook
8. TV Soaps
9. Fitness

Now have a look at the list above, if this person goes to do a workout there are 8 other things that could get in the way a stop this workout taking place. The chances of one of these things getting in the way of the workout is quite likely, only if the kids are OK, the family are all well, no work has been brought home, friends are all happy, all the chores are done, no nights out are planned, Facebook is boring and the soaps have been watched can this person get a workout in! Write down your priorities and see what is getting in your way. What if your priorities looked like this:

1. Family
2. Work
3. Fitness
4. Friends
5. Chores
6. Night out

With a list like this only family and work can get in the way of your fitness workouts. Imagine if fitness was your number 1 priority? Then you would have no excuses. Now I’m not the one to tell you what your priorities should be each person need to do that for themselves. Have a good hard and honest think about where each priority should be, should EastEnders really come before your health and fitness? Using a personal trainer will help you reassess your priorities, once your fitness starts to increase it will motivate you to make fitness a higher priority. Once fitness is high up the list achieving your goals will be easy.

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