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Why Most People Fail At Losing Weight – Errors in Weight Loss

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How many times have you lost the battle to your weight instead of losing the weight? How many times have you asked why? Weight loss has a lot of faces, it has a lot of details and it needs a lot of time and attention. Simply put, losing weight is just like taking care of a baby.

First, just like a baby, there are terms that you should learn. BMI, calories, diets, exercises, muscles, equipment, carbohydrates, body fats and others are just few words that you would surely encounter. If people do not do their part on learning the language of losing weight, then, they prone to practicing wrong things. This will bring informed choices in everything that you decide.

Second, people with wrong expectations of their diet or exercise program often fail at losing weight because they tend to give up more easily. Most would like to lose weight fast, that they get disappointed. Say, losing ten pounds a week is not a realistic goal, you would either starve yourself or over exercise. This could be more dangerous. That is why it is important to set realistic goals.

Third is that people reverting back to their comfort zone after a small progress. This is when people tend to go back to their original weight (sometimes even more) after a small success. This is also part of a failed weight loss.

Fourth, and perhaps the most important, non commitment. A person who is not committed at losing weight does not give time or effort on the weight loss. A promise to lose weight is not enough. There should be more conscious effort that you are going to lose weight. Do not be contented with just wanting, but do the actions necessary to achieve your goals.

Commitment is spelled with the readiness to change for a life time. A lifestyle change does not deal in a time frame. Lifestyle changes should be treated as a thing for a lifetime. This should include permanence, and not ‘for now’. Take diets for example; this is where people most often fail. Foods that do not satisfy the dieters are often left alone, and so is the diet. They cannot keep up with the physical demands of the diet. This is why it is essential to gradually change your lifestyle including healthy eating. This would give time to learn every single detail of the lifestyle you are trying to embrace.

The bottom line is people should always set their minds into losing weight. If you know how to take care of a baby, you probably have an idea how hard it is to lose weight.

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