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How to Make it Inevitable That you will Lose Weight

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This concept came to me the other day when I was thinking of the differences between people who manage to lose weight and those that do not achieve it (or any other fitness goal).

I have come to realise one of the secrets that the successful people use to achieve their health and fitness goal, whatever it may be.


Let me tell demonstrate this with two extreme example. Take a person in the middle of a famine; there life is set up so it is inevitable that they will lose weight because there is no food and water available. Take a person who lives in a flat above a kebab shop, their life is set up so it is easy for them to put on weight because access to junk food is so easy.

Ask yourself this question. How can I set my life up so I will inevitably lose weight/get fit/build muscle/ etc…?

Take for example the overweight, unfit couch potato. Their life is set up so they will remain unfit until they start changing things. Their fridge is full of junk food, they have unfit friends who support the same lifestyle, instead of going to the gym to socialise they go to the local pub every night, they watch hours and hours of TV, they choose a job that doesn’t allow them any time to exercise.

Lets look at how a healthy person sets up they life so they stay healthy. They only put healthy and nutritious food in the house so the temptations isn’t there to eat junk food, they choose like minded friends who are also fit to help keep them motivated, they choose a job that allows them to walk or cycle to work, they make enough time to go to the gym fours times a week, they meet friends at the gym to socialise rather than a bar or pub. Instead of watching TV all night they devote some time to reading about new workout routines and exercises that they can incorporate into their sessions.

Importantly health people create GOOD HABITS that keep them slim and fit. If you are unhealthy you have probably created BAD HABITS that are keeping you unfit.

To get slim, fit and healthy you have to make a DECISION that from this day forward anything that is not aligned with you ultimate fitness goal is not going to be allowed into you life. You only do things that are going to progress you towards you goal.

If you are trying to lose weight and get slim, and you eat a bowl of ice cream how do you feel, I bet a lot of you feel guilty. Guilt serves a purpose, it is your minds way of telling you that what you have just done is not in line with you goal, and you must learn from this mistake. Most people never learn from guilt and just carry on, now you know why guilt is there I want you to learn from it all the time. In the above example the lesson is “Ice cream is going to keep me fat, pick something healthy next time”.

Changing you life and habits is actually the hard bit you achieving you fitness goal, once you make the changes the goal will come so quickly and easily you will be amazed.

Setting up your life so your goals become inevitable is one of the keys to getting what you want out of fitness. Remember to regularly ask yourself “How can I set up my life so I get fit”. When you have the answers MAKE THE CHANGES.

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