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Body Building Split Routine

The purpose of a split routine is to divide the body up into different sections and work these sections individually more thoroughly. Regular routines normally work the whole body in one session, but with a split routine you divide the various muscle groups up over the week and perform a greater amount of exercises for that particular muscle. I often use this routine when personal training clients as I find it give each muscle group a better workout. Some basic resistance knowledge is required to do this workout please don’t attempt it if you are a complete beginner. If you
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Eating to Gain Muscle Mass

I have noticed that in pretty much all gyms across the country there are guys (and a few girls) who are in the weights sections of the gym four or five times a week giving it there all, pushing and lifting as much weight as they can, but they don’t seem to bulk up. This may apply to you reading this, you have a good weights programme to follow working every muscle in the body over the week, but no matter how heavy or how long you are in the gym you can’t put on a pound. Well here is
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