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Top Personal Training Bad Habits

A list of bad habits I have seen over the years from other personal trainers. Don’t train themselves I can’t stand personal trainers who don’t train themselves. You can’t stand there giving a session as a trainer if you don’t understand how the client feels during the workout because you haven’t done it yourself. Belief it or or not there is no fitness test to pass when you study to be a personal trainer! Clients are looking to get fitter and healthier, so quite often they will model themselves on you, adopting you attitudes towards Heath and fitness, they should
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Personal Training Tips – The Treat Mentality

Go a ahead treat yourself. The ‘treat’ mentality is something you might want to think about if you are struggling with keeping you diet clean. I see this alot with my personal training clients, people feeling that if they are good or have done something well, that they should reward themselves with some unhealthy food. As a personal trainer this is a bug bear of mine and here is my take on it. When you were little your parents would often reward you with a food treat of some sort when you were good or achieved something. These treats were
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