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Personal Trainer For Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Have you recently undergone weight loss/gastric surgery? Well you have found the best personal trainer to show you how to start living a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Pete is a personal trainer who has worked with over 30 people who have had weight loss surgery and helped them get fitter and shed loads of weight. By visiting this website you have done the best thing for reaching your health and fitness goals. Sessions from just £30 per hour.


Personal Trainer For Gastric Surgery

Personal training clients who have has weight loss/gastric surgery have a different set of needs compared to regular people. Due to your limited food intake you will need to ease into exercise slowly and gradually progress with your fitness to increase your metabolism.

With ten years experience Pete will tailor you a specific workout routine to suit you and your needs.

Nothing beats face to face contact for personal training and support. Everything Pete does is focused around the needs of his clients, and their individual requirements.

Pete will show you how to:

  • Get a fitness routine going after gastric surgery.
  • Help tone you up to limit saggy skin.
  • Maximise your workouts to help you shed weight quicker.
  • Design a workout that you can manage on a limited food intake.
  • Help you get the timings of your food and workouts right.

Pete will continually challenge you and monitor your progress at every step. Getting you in shape is a team effort and Pete will be by your side supporting you and guiding you all the way.

Typically weight loss patients who follow Pete’s personal training programme generally lose between 2-3kg or 4-7lb a week. Not only will you lose body fat but you will build up denser and more toned muscle to help you look even better when you get down to your goal weight.

Give Pete a call on 07947049889 to have a further chat and get your new fitness routine started email pete@petegriggs.com

Fitness Progression

Pete explains one of his tried and tested perosnal training methods that you can use to get progressively fitter

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Letitia Herod, Winner of Britain’s and Ireland’s Next Top Model. I have been working with Pete for the past 4 months, he is a great personal trainer, keeps my body in great shape, giving me great confidence for casting and photo shoots.

Danny, Sutton. Pete has been my personal trainer for the last 6 months, I was a skinny 5’10 9 stone guy and had been my whole life. Pete is a great personal trainer and I see progress every week.