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How to Lose Weight Using a Progressive Model of Training

How to Lose Weight Using a Progressive Model of Training Been doing the same old workout for months and not lost any weight? Or did you start losing a weight and then couldn’t lose any more? If you do what you have always done you get what you have always got. If you have a goal or target weight that you want to get down to you need to PROGRESS towards it. You won’t suddenly achieve the goal by doing one thing, to achieve you fitness goal you need to make small incremental steps to progress you to where you
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Progression vs Periodisation

When personal training clients first come to me they often ask the question ‘Are we going to be following a periodisation programme?’ More often than not the answer is no and here is why…. First let me start by explaining what periodisation is. It’s a fitness training programme that cycles through various phases depending on the person’s goals. A rugby player for example would have a programme made up of phases of strength training, endurance training, sprint training, motor skill/technique training and each phase would be in blocks of 2-4 weeks and scheduled round the rugby season so the player
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